If you take part in INJUSTIS, you will be offered the chance to measure lung function at home every day for the first 3 months of the study. This is optional and you can still take part in INJUSTIS if you don’t want to do this.

One of the things INJUSTIS is trying to find out is if patients measuring lung function at home every day is better at predicting the course of lung fibrosis than normal testing of lung function every three months at clinic appointments.

If you do decide to measure lung function at home in the INJUSTIS study, you will be given a small device (a spirometer) which can measure the air flow from your lungs (See Picture)


This spirometer will be used with an “app” called patientMpower which will be used to collect the lung function information that you record at home. This app has been developed by patientMpower Ltd., a company based in Dublin, Ireland. (www.patientmpower.com).


The pictures show some examples of how the patientMpower app for INJUSTIS displays information to you.

You should use the spirometer with the patientMpower app every day to measure your lung function (for three months). You should do the lung function measurement once a day sitting down. Ideally, this should be done at about the same time every day. During the first three months you will not see the lung function testing information displayed on the app. You will see a message saying the spirometry results were recorded successfully.


If you do see lung function information during the first three months this is an error. Please contact support@patientmpower.com who can correct this.


You are welcome to keep the spirometer and use it when you wish even after the first three months in the study. If you measure lung function at home after the first three months, the lung function information will be displayed to you on the app.


Thanks for reading this and we hope it helps in understanding what is involved in the home spirometry part of INJUSTIS. If you have questions, please contact your study nurse or doctor. If you have any technical issues or questions on patientMpower, please contact support@patientmpower.com

Hints and Tips

1: Before starting this part of the study you will need to download the patientMpower app to your smartphone or tablet device (like an iPad) and then link the spirometer by Bluetooth. This should only take 5-10 minutes and you will be given more detailed instructions on how to do this by the research team. If you have any problems you can contact support@patientmpower.com and they will be able to help you.

​​2: When you are setting up your profile on the patientMpower app it is very important that you enter the sign-up code “INJ” on the sign-up screen (see picture). This ensures that the patientMpower app can manage the information correctly for INJUSTIS. 


3: If you see lung function information displayed on the patientMpower app in the first three months, this is an error and probably means that the sign-up code “INJ” was not entered. Don’t worry, this can be fixed. Please contact support@patientmpower.com who can correct this issue